Monday, March 31, 2014

A Visit to Mary XXX

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The Divine Master establishes Mary as mistress of the abode she purifies.  O, Mary, reign over us forever, you and your divine Son.


  1. Blessed Mother Mary our Mother please intercede on my son Jeffrey's behalf that he have very good days and be loved by all that see him and treat him with lots of kindness and respect and say only nice things and nice thoughts and let the rest of his living days be filled with kindness and love, no pain, or no more medical problems, we love you MOTHER MARY.AMEN

  2. Please I am asking everyone pray for my son Jeffrey that all his cancer leave his body and that my granddaughter sarah's body and mind be healed and they both are healthy and happy in this new coming year and that my sickness leaves my body so I can visit them. AMEN