Thursday, April 10, 2014

Gate of Mercy

Return Here

Mary, Mother of Grace and of Mercy, help me against the efforts of my enemies.


  1. Blessed Mother please watch over Jeffrey my son and let him be healthy, happy and lots of love from all who around him.AMEN

  2. Please BLESSED MOTHER MARY Pray for my son Jeffrey the he not suffer, not be in pain, not be afraid and loved by all who see him and take care of him, and to be excepted into heaven in GODS ARMS.. WE LOVE YOU AMEN

  3. Blessed Mother Mary Please intercede on my sons behalf if the lord wants to take my son let him go in his sleep and in no pain,please let him not ever be unhappy the rest of his life that he has left,please let all people be kind and treat him nice and lots of love and kindness and him not have anymore worries about anything and not have any reasons to cry and get the best medical treatment where he is at.