Saturday, April 12, 2014

Most Gracious Lady XXX

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My heart is a fountain of living water where my servants come to find strength.


  1. Please Pray for my son Jeffrey that all of his cancer leave his body and that he be healthy, happy, and loved by everyone who comes in contact with him the rest of his life and that he please not be scared or sad or worry anymore and not have anymore problems where he is living now just find peace and lots of happiness , Amen

  2. Pray that Jeffrey Stevens feels better today and everyday forth,not be afraid and be Happy Blessed Mother Mary and the Lord God and Jesus and all the Saints and Angels please Pray for my loving son that he beats this cancer and is healthy and happy. AMEN WE LOVE YOU

  3. Please Pray that he goes in his sleep THAT JEFFREY IS surrounded with angels and that he is not afraid and he is not in pain, that he is with lots of love by his side an knows how much we all love him and will miss him. AMEN