Thursday, April 3, 2014

School of Obedience

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My God, what do you ask of me?
The sweetness of the Lamb.


  1. Blessed Mother please protect my son Jeffrey from any and all evil and bad things and let him be healed and restore him to good health and be loved and healthy and happy and mostly not be afraid and live a very long life. Amen

  2. Please remove all the cancer from my sons body and let him be pure and his body be completely healed with no pain or disease in him and not let him be afraid of death ever and be happy and live a long healthy life. Amen

  3. Lord, you have given Mary to your people as the sign of our hope; through her intercession, grant us perseverance in growing toward the life to come for my son Jeffrey and please make his life easier and happier what ever time he has left.Amen