Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Fountain of Mercy

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The Divine Master sprinkles and makes fruitful this visit of His choice.  
I am the Fountain of Living Water which brings the virtues into being.


  1. Please Pray for Jeffrey Stevens to become very healthy and happy and to be completely healed in his mind, body and soul, and never be afraid and loved by everyone he comes in contact with. Let him always believe and have faith that there is a God and Heaven. Amen

  2. Please I pray that if you must take my beautiful son take him when he is a sleep and with no pain, take him with no fear an directly to heaven and let him be welcomed with open arms an loved by everyone that greets him in to see his family and friends that have gone before him that are in heaven thank you GOD, JESUS AN THE BLESSED MOTHER WE LOVE YOU. AMEN